ListSMART is a professional home selling program designed to reduce the expense of selling higher priced homes. We reduce our listing fee to 1.5% while still providing a full-service program. You’ve worked hard to build equity. We seek less compensation leaving more money in your pocket.

Our goal is to secure the maximum selling price for your home while minimizing the inherent inconveniences. The commission paid to a listing agent can be 3% or more. For a $1,000,000 home, the fee could be $30,000. We will list the same home for $15,000, saving you the balance. We do this by eliminating costly overhead and a willingness to reward your trust in us.

The expense of lavish offices, regional advertising funds, excessive staff, and franchise fees has increased operating budgets for real estate brokerages. Do these costs enhance the marketability of your home? No. The factors known to influence value are location, condition of the home, competition, and timing.

Our company’s intelligent business model, superior market knowledge and conservative fiscal management allow us to offer exceptional, personalized service at a fraction of the cost. Our individually crafted marketing plans provide maximum internet exposure, professional brochures, individual property websites, and attractive yard signs.

It’s really quite simple. The talent, effort, and expense associated with selling expensive and inexpensive properties are constant, but the cost disparity for high-end homes is alarming. The ListSMART Program is simple, straightforward, and contains no small print. We’re so confident you’ll love our service, we will allow you to cancel at any time. Contact us before you spend too much selling your home.