Even in a normal housing market you want the best realtor that you can find. Mix in COVID-19 and an extremely tight housing market on top of the normal complexities of buying a house and good realtor is worth their weight in gold. Brendan of Crescent Real Estate is just the kind of professional you want working with you. During the lockdown Brendan kept in touch even though there wasn’t much to see but plenty to keep track of. He took the opportunity to stay abreast of the housing market and what was still happening and monitored a constantly changing situation.

When the market started back up again Brendan didn’t miss a beat and was on top of the changing situation as well as the rules regarding the showings. Reviewing the houses was where his expertise and experience was a tremendous asset. He was able to identify meaningful issues with a house’s condition and provide guidance on the scale and scope of the issue so that we could decide whether it was something we were willing to live with given the other merits of a given property. In a tight seller’s market having this information was critical in allowing us to make informed and quick judgements about whether we wanted to continue the process for a particular house. In a number of cases I am certain Brendan saved us from biting off more than we were bargaining for. During the negotiation Brendan was able to offer us a great feel for the market as well as good guidance on what was reasonable to ask for. When we lost our first offer he was able to provide insight as to what we could do differently in the future, which in our case wasn’t much given the high demand in our area.

Yes the seller’s agent pays the buyer’s representative. Brendan was thoroughly professional in this regard and never left us in any doubt he had our best interests in mind during every stage of the process. He was also mindful not to make his opinions ours but provided us with fact of the matter information to allow us to make our own choices. Patient and responsive he was always mindful of our time as well.

The house we bought needed some work before we could move in and given the Covid situation we wanted to get the work done quickly. Brendan was able to recommend several contractors that we have had a great experience with. Even after the sale had closed he followed up to see if there was anything that we needed.

The highest praise I can give anyone is that they are thoroughly professional and one can tell that Brendan loves what he does. Every realtor should be like Brendan but I am certain he is exceptional.